Termohigrómetro (thermohygrometer)



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About thermohygrometer?

The termohigrómetro (thermohygrometer) is designed to control the humidity and temperature of the reed when the HIGROTAPÓN is used. It is mean to be inserted into the chanter once it stops being played. The adequate humidity is what keeps the reed in the perfect conditions, and it is crucial it does not drop below 45%. If the humidity level goes down, the cane may get deformed, losing symmetry and the vibration becomes defective.

The thermohygrometer is hermetic and it is not connected with the bag. That is because the synthetic bags, after removing all the humidity, they start extracting the higrocap one.

The thermohygrometer has a battery on the back, insulated with a plastic piece that must be removed before turning it on. In order to change it, slide the measurer to one side taking it out completely, placing it again the same way back. If we do not want to have the chanter lose in the case, we can introduce in into the chanter stock.

If we have another ambient hygrometer, we can check the humidity that the higrocap is providing.