This is a new percussion instrument which allows to widen the possibility of making different rhythms and sounds. It’s been spreading as an instrument among musicians and amateurs for 10 years. Anyone can play it following the steps below. It may be useful for practising rhythm and also coordination exercises.


They are designed to be fitted on the upper part of our index finger of each hand. Although, professionals of percussion place it on the middle finger of each hand achieving a double performance of the instrument.
One can beat them using free fingers and also over thigh and knee in case we are sitting.
The rubber which holds every pito carries five little balls so as not to stop the circulation of the blood in fingers. If we pull the rubber which has the knot it tightens, but if we pull the one without knot it loosens until fitting perfectly well to the finger.

Possibility of sounds

Depending on the surface in which you tap, you can get different modulations and effects. For example, beating over the thigh and the knee with the same pito.
Percussionists can combine pito with other percussion instruments such as Flamenco Box, in order to get different rangers of rhythmical effects.


The rubber which comes with the PIT might end up breaking on wearing out. To change it, at first we cut 10 cm of rubber band the same thick; we burn each end a bit and shape it round with our fingers so that it’s easier to put the beads. Then, we pass each end through the corresponding hole. After that, we tie a knot in the end of the band and also a sliding one around the band that has the knot done. Finally, we cut the excess in the ends of the band.

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  1. Put the pito in the index finger of the left hand, so the right one is free. Tap with the index finger against the thumb and middle finger as if “shaking-off the ash of a cigarette”.
    This would be the first basic exercise. We should practice it in a continue and regular way in a slow rhythm, as well as the other exercises.
  2. Repeat the first exercise. This time, when the pito of the left hand goes up, we tap on it with the middle finger of the right hand, doubling the rhythm in this way.
  3. Now, we put the other pito on the index finger of the right hand and we repeat the first exercise, but with one pito in each hand. At first we tap slowly and we start accelerating the rhythm gradually.
  4. Being seat, tap on our legs with the palm of your hand. You can also try lifting the fingers the pito are on, leaving your palms resting on your legs.
  5. If we are still seating, put the left hand on our left thigh. Separate the fingers of the right hand and slide the tip of the little, index, annul and middle fingers. Make them slip by the wider part of the pito in the left hand. At the same time, lift the same hand. This means we strike 4 times and we will do number five with the pito in our left hand letting it go down against the thigh.