Higrotapón (higrocap)



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About Higrotapón (higrocap)

After many years of experience with the bagpipe, one of the problems that arise is the dryness and the deformation of the reed due to dry climates or rooms with heating and dehumidifiers. The reed is the first element of the bagpipe exposed to heat-cold contrast and humidity changes because of the proximity to the chanter’s holes (these environmental conditions are adverse for the wood and far from the bagpipe optimal conditions, especially if they are metallic).

As soon as we stop playing and the red has acquired humidity, depending on where we are, it may suffer a temperature and humidity contrast, even if it maintains some time with the humidity of the bag. The aim, then, is to protect the reed against environmental contrasts and moist it if needed, as we already know, the reed is just reed and it’s very sensitive to all these variations.

The higrocap is a keeper and humidifier of the reed. It consists of a small water receptacle with an inside soaked wick that provides the amount of moisture needed for the reed preservation. The higrocap is placed inside the chanter but not touching the reed and it can adapt to the keys: D, C, Bb and A. Also to the Asturian, Scottish and, in general, to any other double-reed bagpipe. The handle taper and the sensitivity of the spring make any adaptation possible.